7 thoughts on “Streak the sky

    • Well… you’re not really getting this from the photographers point of view, my friend 🙂 If you look at the 2 pics together you can see the similarities and the subtle changes – the addition of clouds and boats to another estuary scene. Most of my photos are about sky and sea really! Except for the recent black and white ones 😉 The progression is all about what LOOKS right next – like when I used to stick them in a book together to make it arty and ‘right’. They just “GO”! Ha ha… xx

      • On the other hand, most people probably just see them as stand-alone photographs and yes, hopefully they are pretty or clever or in some way ‘good’ on their own! So don’t worry about it! (not an exact science!) LOL

      • I think too that I often forget what came before having a memory like a goldfish at times 🙂
        I think they look great on their own.
        And definitely not worry about it. Think I was using it as an excuse to “touch base” with you 🙂 XX

      • Oh might just spoil all my fun then of trying to remember what came before and then wondering if I want to tell you what I thought the connection was 🙂 XX
        Perhaps next time I’ll email instead 🙂 XX

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